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Paladog Money Cheat

February 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment
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Are you need download paladog money cheat or paladog gold hack ? You also know how to install cheats fast food regen and fast mana regen. Now, how to use hack money paladog :

1. you need winscp (or other programs that are somekind like that) and hex editor (or other programs that are somekind like that)
2. second u open ur winscp and copy ur save game to wateva place you want in ur com(pdwsavegame and pdwsavegamebackup)
3. you open hex editor and open pdwsavegame and press ctrl+F
4. Change the type to 32 bit signed long
5. type in the value how much money u had
6. if you find that change the value to 999999999 or wateva u want (change in the int32 or unit32 at the most right of the screen)
7. do the same things to pdwsavegamebackup (if not your save game will automatically lost)
8. save both of em
9. copy them back to their original place
10. ENJOY!

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