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Eternity Warriors Gems Cheats

July 22, 2011 by · Leave a Comment
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Looking for eternity warriors gems cheats for iphone/ipod ? With hack free gems eternity warriors, you buy armor, weapons and level up. This game like gun bross. Before, your iphone must jailbreaking. Now, how to get free gems eternity warriors :
1. download iphone explorer
2. You download the hacked savegame.
3. You connect your iPhone to your computer via USB, and open iPhone explorer.
4. You navigate to the (Eternity Warriors folder is called Warriors, no <br>Eternity) folder, click documents. Then you rename
the hacked savegame with the name of the file that ends with _1000 in the documents folder.
Backup the file. And replace the file with the hacked save game.
5. Turn off Wi-Fi, launch the app and you should have it cracked. Then quit, turn on wi-fi, launch the app,
sign into game center

credit pandalikepwn

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